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Location Warsaw, Poland

I make small 3D games, and I play them and talk about them sometimes. I'm interested in game design, 3D rendering, languages, and bringing back the Internet of the '90s.

Cloud at Google, Message Format WG, previously localization at Mozilla.

Most people call me Staś.

Joined on Nov, 2022. 42 posts. Followed by 82. Following 184.

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Stanisław Małolepszy . @stanislaw,

Why did social media feeds evolve to display the most recent posts at the top? Have there been any attempts to introduce chat-like feeds that grow towards the bottom of the screen?

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Stanisław Małolepszy . @stanislaw,

I decided to host my own single-user instance rather than re-use my old account at My primary goal was to tie my identity to a domain I own, to help people verify it and to be in control of it, always. It was also a way to avoid choice paralysis related to choosing an existing instance and coming up with a handle. How much am I missing by not having a local timeline?

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